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Youth Pull
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Gatr22GI Supporter
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Posted on 2015-12-04 17:51:56
Emeraldfin wrote:

Gatr22 wrote:

Emeraldfin wrote:

mrcasado wrote:

Best for me was sebastian abrahams, 4.5 talent with int and cons of 20, made me 11 million

In hindsight i should have kept him

Why did you?

Um, ahem, he did say 11 million. Those are a lot of reasons right there

I get that, but those players don't come around often.

Unless my finances were on the verge of bankrupting me, I'd never sell a player like that. Every week I get garbage from the youth pulls, so I just couldn't sell the best player I'm ever going to get a chance to develop.

I get both sides. I have won at all levels without garnering a player like that from youth pulls, but I doubt I would have done as well without all the gems I've picked up from the transfer market (similar to the player he is referencing). If I could get 11 million for him, I'd take the cash, knowing that I can easily get several more for far less on the market (maybe not 20/20, but certainly good ones

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Forum index >> Ireland >> Youth Pull Goto page : 1, 2, 3
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