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How to make the jump
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Posted on 2016-01-27 17:03:07
icthalian wrote:

Gatr22 wrote:

Cameron wrote:

Work on Agility, Footwork, Positioning and Stamina

His high teamwork and young age means he will be NT material sooner or later.

I would work on Agility, footwork and stamina before you bother with tacticals for the defensive line position. Please end stamina training once he reaches 19, as going to 20 stamina has produced strange performances during some matches. I have seen plenty of DL players dominate with tactics still low, so there is likely limited additional gain by raising these skills before the other 3 mentioned (tackling, agility and footwork

How high would you, personally, go with Tackling, Agility and Footwork before you started training Tactical skills?

Personally with all my defensive players I balance tackling, agility and tacticals to 10-12 and then train tackling and agility only to 16. After that it depends on my overall wage bill and needs for that particular position as to whether I bring up their tacticals or push on with tackling and agility to 18-20.

DL is the only position that's slightly different as I include footwork as well as the other skills, but again it's only tackling and agility that I train into the green after the other skills are balanced at 10-12.

Forum index >> Ireland >> How to make the jump Goto page : 1, 2
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