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Bulgarian National Team 2019
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Posted on 2019-02-17 23:13:51
Hello everyone

I have scouted thoroughly the Bulgarian players and have selected the best team of players i can find paying attention to positions, strength and depth.

I have used 49 of my 50 scout searches and have 1 scout search / call up remaining

If you think your team has a player that is of Bulgarian National team standard i would be extremely grateful if you would be able to message me with the details of this player

I will try my best to win as many games as possible, but now it is coming down to tactics and the correct game plans for each team.

In the last few seasons the Bulgarian team has gone from strength to strength and the results, even the losses now are always close.

I am constantly searching and training and looking for players to keep pushing the players which i currently have.

The QB & OL Positions are thin on the ground but options are in training

I have good strong options at RB / TE & WR

I am extremely strong at DL & LB currently with young options pushing for places

I am a bit thin on the ground with Cornerbacks but have young options in training

I am extremely strong at Safety with a lot of options coming through i am happy to say

On special teams
I am a bit thin on the ground with National Team type kicking options but have 2 on the team currently and since kicking is not massive yet in this engine i should be ok for now

I am very strong at both Gunner and Kick Return with alot of quality options to choose from

So in short QB / OL & CB are the areas needing more work on, but i am currently solid for now

If you have any players you feel are worth a thought please to not hesitate to contact me.

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