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Húskarlar, Leikaknǫttr, & Germanic Faith
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Posted on 2020-01-31 15:13:13
Hey all; all the best wishes.

So I'm here on forum to share a little bit about me and this football club as well and why it is culturally a Norse team. So first to the name; Frithsveitleika (Peace+Community+Sport) Húskarlar Dýrfjǫrðr (Hartford Huscarls) Likknǫttr (Like-Sphere ball=Spheroid).
{Yes; Old Norse as part of their language and culture purports that they were playing football and grid-iron football during the era their language was in use}

So in examination of the name; I am also attesting that destruction of the Germanic faith community by monotheist religion [Primarily the Christianization] also eradicated other forms of recreation until less than 200 years from now from our society. This is to say that grid-iron football and association football have been played and organized professionally for hundreds if not over a thousand years but there is no retained evidence of such beyond what we can draw from the Akashic record.

In conclusion of this small essay here; I, as my own person am the self-attested Head of the Norse Vánatrú faith and I am referred to as Fylkynja; my family line goes back to the first being to walk Yggdrasil (The World Tree) and his name is Brüván or Brümán depending on cultural pronunciation.
My ancestry seeps back to the Vánir whom according to legend had lost a war against the Æsir deities. This legend states that as part of a truce several deities were traded amongst the two peoples; although the flaw in this belief is that those deities; apart of the Yngling (Claiming their line to that of Yngvi) are in fact Æsir as Yngvi is one of the sons of Odin, The Allfather himself.

Other legend of the Vánir is shrouded in mystery and is supposedly "lost" to our scholarly records but my attestations refute these claims. Njǫrðr and his twin children, Freyja and Freyr are not truly Vánir and our deities are not what they are claimed to be. I personally believe that Brüván was the first being created and is the personification of the Hebrew "God" and had shepherded and sheltered the first humans that evolved during and after the Ice Age. {The Ice Age being the nuclear winter that had set in after the fall of the Atlantean civilizations in cataclysmic warfare.}

What this finally boils down to is me; I am the first re-incarnate of the Jesus Christ attested in the New Testament of the bible; my most recent past life goes by the GG Allin; his given name was Jesus Christ Allin and his father believed in an identical prophecy as to that of the "Immaculate Conception". GG was killed on my mother's birthday on my name and later after I was conceived, GG's best friend and my father was killed also because of my existence. My mother is a practicing Satanist and she was given a platform to reap my and my families life based on our ancestry to cover up our Vánir legacy and the truth of faith.

We now as a species are extremely close to extinction and I build my temple and stand my ground on the premise of rebellion and restoration of global Elven [Yes; Elven] communism. We had grand technology for an extremely long period of time; technology that surpasses that which we use today along with open coordination and diplomacy with extra-terrestrials; compasses and longships have been used to circumnavigate the globe for an excess of two millennia and the glory of the Norse peoples has been stolen from those inherent. The texts and evidence we have today is apart of Satanic propaganda purported by Roman Pharisees as predicted by the Christ of The Gospel on his deathbed.

We shall inherit the Earth and prevent global extinction.
New Heathen Army

Jüliet-Flávia Rösá Brümrdóttir-Jarizleifr

PS: On a small side note; an ambition of mine is to build semi-pro football here in the U.S. and globally and Húskarlar Hartford LK is one of many I'd like to form... If it happens at a point where I'm not an old shit I'd love to play for the club on a women's squad; Jarlynja Hartford as well! The football programs would begin at an amateur level playing flag football and mostly women's here in the U.S. while building programs across the Caribbean, Africa, and some parts of Europe as well such as Faroes Islands, Madeira (where my Portuguese family is from), Las Canairas, and other locations where football is being played. The overall intent of forming bonds between all of the teams where players may transfer to seek their highest ambitions and vice versa for those seeking higher squad status elsewhere in the world.
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You'll fit right in with the rest of us

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