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World Cup 29
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bigbudsmokerGI Supporter
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Joined: 2016-03-03
Posted on 2021-02-26 0:11:44
jpnwrt wrote:

BigbudSmoker, first of all thanks for visiting the forum where you had to deal with the language you probably rarely get to deal with . That might be the reason, why I think you've missed the part at the bottom of my lengthy post:
"E: Przepraszam zarowno Selekcjonera UK, BigBudsmokera, i Portugalii, Alucarda, za nieautoryzowane cytowanie, i to w niekorzystnym kontekscie. I calkiem serio - gratuluje Im Obu Medali. Bo sa zasluzone. Obaj zrobili to co mogli, tz dobrze dobrali zawodnikow do skladu, i do realiow silnika jaki ma gra. A to, ze silnik nie foruje analiz taktycznych, to juz nie Ich wina."
{ "I apologize to both the UK National Team Manager, BigBudsmoker, and Portugal's Alucard, for unauthorized use of their text, and not in favourable context. And completely seriously - I congratulate them both the medals. Because they are well deserved. They both did what they could, i.e picked the right players for the team, and for the engine this game has got. It's not their fault, that the engine does not favour tactical analysis." }

Well deserved. I hope the translation makes it clear, that I am not only NOT picking on you, but just the opposite. But to be sure - I congratulate the managers of all National Teams that did well in the latest World Cup. Especially France, Portugal . And especially especially - the UK.
Precisely as you have written, one does NOT win back to back WC titles by luck. I do think luck is important part of this game, but nowhere do I imply that that's why the UK won the title!
There is no exaggeration, or irony, or "yes, but", or another hidden not saying but meaning it, when I say, that in my opinion your achievement this season confirms that you are one of the best managers in this game. Heck, you may well be _the_ best!

Where we _might_ differ, is where I see your biggest strengths. Picking the right players? No doubts about that. Choosing the tactics which will work best with these players? Yes, absolutely! But I also do think, that you very well know what's NOT important, or at most is important so little, that it doesn't make sense to spend too much analyzing it. Let me stress - this ability is not the deficiency, just the opposite.

I do realize now, that you see differently what I had written about the importance of formations. I'd be happy to explain to you the line of my thinking, but preferably - first by pm's. If you convince me, I'd of course then post the correction where it's needed. Because the whole point of my postings was to get from your success the most for my own country's National Team, not some childish personal picking on you, on Alucard. Being able to learn what the successful Nat Teams managers already know, would be the important step towards may be Poland one day having its own day of glory. And in this light, not getting things straightened up would be silly, wouldn't you agree?

To conclude, you sir fully deserve your Scotch and it was the furthest from my intentions to spoil any sip of it (not that I had suspected you might ever read it!) Once again, I apologize, if anything in my post may have made it look different in your eyes. Here's to the reason, for next season

Maybe what you said did not translate properly as all i have to use is google translate to understand, below is how it translated to me.

The bits in bold i found condescending and of the assumption that it was more to do with luck. (I do agree i was very lucky to get out of the group stage)

The selector of the two-time world champions did not bother to take a look at how the previously semi-final opponents played ?? LOL
Besides, the Portuguese coach does not stick out either - "try something unusual", you can say how to play it once or twice, not seven or eight times in a row!

Well, if the positioning of the rival plays such a small role for the WC medalists, it comes to the conclusion that puzzling over such "details" does not make special sense in the IG.
You just have to have a composition that is as good as the others ... and count on luck.

I am sorry if i have managed to miss interpret what you meant but thats how it came across after being translated. Sorry for the confusion.

PS..... regarding me being a top manager, thats not the case, i have a friend who has taught me everything about this game. I didn't even know the rules of american football when i started. There are many many managers who are far better than i will ever be.
hoospackGI Supporter
Posts: 596
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Posted on 2021-02-26 0:26:52
Congratulations to the UK National Team and bigbud!

Back-to-Back WC Champs is an amazing accomplishment!
Gatr22GI Supporter
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Posted on 2021-02-26 5:11:35
Solid final from France and UK! Congrats to bigbud, next up the 3-peat

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bigbudsmokerGI Supporter
Posts: 194
Joined: 2016-03-03
Posted on 2021-02-26 11:38:54
hoospack wrote:

Congratulations to the UK National Team and bigbud!

Back-to-Back WC Champs is an amazing accomplishment!

Gatr22 wrote:

Solid final from France and UK! Congrats to bigbud, next up the 3-peat

cheers guys, there will be no 3-peat from me haha

FreakyFullBack wants to have a bash next if no one else fancies it, hopefully we will also be out of lockdown which means i can get back to work and away from the evil Mrs bigbud


Also i would like to apologise to jpnwrt because i totaly misconstrued his words and i was very harsh with my reply. Sorry again mate.

Hard-core fan (ultimate supporter owner)jpnwrtGI Supporter
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Hard-core fan (ultimate supporter owner)
Posted on 2021-02-26 13:04:01
Oh my God, Bigbudsmoker, my English must be very bad, because I can't see that one to have been harsh! A touch of intelligent irony, that's hardly harsh. I posted above not because I felt insulted or something, but because I didn't want you to perceive me as an idiot, who can't distinguish luck from the skill :-D

ps. It's remarkable, how well you guys are handling the national team manager's position. Promise though, some day you _will_ get that 3rd !

"Too many people don't nowadays and look where that's getting us."
What is - apologize?

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