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Offensive team orders
SrednaDGI Supporter
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Posted on 2021-05-15 13:13:16
Camillo wrote:

simpathia wrote:

I assume the field position is tracked in one or more decimal places and rounded (or possibly truncated) when displayed.
If this is correct then the distance to the endzone was slightly more than 30 yards, and your orders were executed correctly.

- only thing is the orders seems to be executed too early (or orders should have been <31).

This game is all about decimals - a lot of them, but all or most of these decimals are cut, before showing the numbers to us.

Reason for the confusion here, could be admin got things a bit wrong, when he wrote the orders.

If the distance is controlled before decimals are cut, orders should be <31.

If the check is done after cutting, orders can be both - in this case <=30 is as good as <31.

My guess is admin picked a mix of the two.

My guess is as good as any's, but I do not think that the engine runs yards with decimals and that the coding has a flaw and is not set to <=30, but to <30.

But if we as players adjust and think 29 when they write 30, things make sense.

So here, the games motto "Close, but still far away" makes sense.

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Posted on 2021-05-17 6:13:04
I would also agree, they use the <= sign, but in the admins infinite wisdom, it seems they actually meant "less than equal to 30, or as some have posted, 29. That would be my assumption or I suppose we can't rule out a bug, but there have been some other, I would call language interpretations, that seem to fall in the same context over the years. Not sure I've ever noticed that call coming up exactly on the even yardage and during a potential for a tie/win during a match, tough ending

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