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Hard-core fan (ultimate supporter owner)PHI 21GI Supporter
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Hard-core fan (ultimate supporter owner)
Posted on 2024-03-25 15:35:27
Thank you for selecting me as coach of this season's USA NT.

If anybody has any or knows of any players they think might be NT worthy, let me know. I've already looked at several players (mainly from the North America Top division so far) and have already compiled a list of players I can pull from to make this season's team. Even then, there could be some players I might have missed because their salaries are low and they've been trained to good levels since the start of the season. A few players from last season's team have been removed due to stat drops and a few others could possibly be replaced if there are good enough replacements. I plan to look at players over the next couple of weeks (if time allows) before setting the final roster, so you may see players added to or removed from the team sporadically.
As I see it know, there's no real 'need' at any given position. The team could use a bit better overall depth since many players are now on human-managed teams and thus vulnerable to injury.

Thanks again for letting me coach the team this season.
Spanky LlamallamaGI Supporter
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Posted on 2024-03-25 17:36:35
Kick some butt, coach!
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