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1. You may not register more than one team, nor register a team for a friend. We regard this as cheating and offending users will be banned from Grid-Iron.
2. The local community is an important part of playing Grid-Iron. Make sure you sign up for a team in the country where you live. You may only apply for a different country in the case that your own country is not yet part of the Grid-Iron world.
Collection and Use of Personal Information & Cookies
To open your game account, we ask for basic personal information - your email and username that you will use to access the game.
Your IP address and access times are tracked against your user in-game username for solo purpose of preventing cheating.
A cookie is a small text file that is stored on a user's computer to keep track of your actions while you are logged in. We only use session cookies on this site because the game system needs this info in order to operate correctly.
Your email will never be sold or given to any third party or be used to send any kind of spam.
All passwords are encoded in database and nobody (not even administrators) can see them.
If you want to close your account and erase your data, you can do so by stop using it for 21 days. After 21 days of inactivity, your account will automatically be locked and your email erased from our database. Your account stays as "inactive" in the game, but only uses your selected fantasy team and stadium name (game must do this in order to continue functioning properly).
No third party is given access to any information you provide during registration.
Access to game database is given only to people employed by the company Melderon d.o.o., Urbanova ulica 6, 1310 Ribnica, Slovenia
By clicking the Register button you state that you agree with the game rules and our Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy
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