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ASE Top Division Season 31
SrednaDGI Supporter
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Posted on 2020-01-11 16:54:54
lonaldinho wrote:

1 game left and I've never seen a closer league finish. All of the top 7 can win the league, although Weasels, Giants & Nightmare need to win and need Stones, Titans, Gnomes & Vikings to lose. While that is possible, it's very unlikely when you see that Titans are playing Chums on the last day.
I'm probably in the driving seat with a points difference advantage of 92 over Gnomes, 158 over Titans & 187 over Stones. Barring massive wins by all 3 of those teams to overturn that points difference, a win should do it for me. Easier said than done though.
Whatever the outcome, best of luck to everyone. May the best team win

Congratulations on the title.

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Hard-core fan (ultimate supporter owner)ChristyGI Supporter
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Hard-core fan (ultimate supporter owner)
Posted on 2020-01-12 16:43:36
Final stats!

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Hard-core fan (ultimate supporter owner)YoinksGI Supporter
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Posted on 2020-01-17 12:27:54
So, belated congratulations to Ionaldinho on your third title! It's nice to have been involved but our season was effectively over when Tikkurila beat us at home in week 15.

Three retiring players have just been released, the most i've had yet, and two more key players are 31 next season. I'm pretty much covered as far as replacements goes. Given how close the top seven places are this year though the goal for next year is still to avoid relegation, haha.