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Looks like any new GB coach has his work cut out
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Posted on 2020-08-02 22:37:02
stevie76 wrote:

Ok .... let's address these BS accusations which are clearly based on assumption (the mother of all F'ups) as NONE of you thought of messaging me direct to ask what happened .....

NO I did not release these players from the NT !! It really is that simple. Not my doing. My last act (after elimination from WC) was to remove my own teams players (who were only in the NT to pad out the Sp. Teams in case of injuries as they options were limited) and to CALL UP the players that were being suggested in the UK National Team thread. Off the top of my head those CALL UPS included 2 players from the Gnomes and a LB from the Hammers n' Sickles ( a player who he had Dm'd me about a while before). This was done to HELP the next manager ... not to hinder them !!

So, quite simply, all those who tried to push the narrative that this was my doing ? Well .... feel free to walk round the back, lift up my kilt and kiss my ass

I do thank you for this thread though And there are 1 or 2 things that I find 'Interesting' about this scenario you have presented ...

It was my understanding that publicly accusing managers of something in the forums was not permitted. As neither the mods nor the Admins had anything at all to say about this thread then I should now (through equality) be free to publicly accuse the biggest cheating b'd within this game and be free to publicly name all of their teams (double figures), highlighting the transfers and the issues when 2 of his teams play against one another (in both regional and AFLC matches). And, if equality is recognised, I should be free to do so without being hit with any retrospective action as the precedent has just been set with regards to accusations being made on public forums. So, again, thanks to the mods/admins for clearing that up

Also, i'm intrigued that a player who is allegedly from the U.A.E/ Africa region noticed this " a while back " (by his own admission clearly before most of us) and that he was the one to push the narrative that it was a "slash and burn by an outgoing coach"
Why is this intriguing to me ?
Well, having first hand knowledge, I know that his own team contained no UK NT players. And so I'm curious as to why a player, allegedly from the U.A.E/ Africa region, was paying such close attention to the UK NT at a time when there were no International matches. I mean, after thinking long and hard, the only way that I personally would have noticed something like this would be if my personal team contained a player that had been an International team player and then no longer was.
.... I'm sure he has his reasons though

It ain't nice being accused of things with no facts is it stevie

hahahahahahah hahahahah hahahaha hahahaha

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