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Regional Cup 41
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Joined: 2023-03-12
Posted on 2023-05-29 20:59:04
As we enter round 2 of the Regional Cup for North America We have 2 player verses player matches and 66 Player Teams left in this Regional Cup.

The first Match will be between The Rathdrum Spuds (D.II) and the Yellow Jackets (Top Div.)
I predict this match will be in favor of the yellow jackets from the start all they way. But the Yellow Jackets will pull on top in one 56-35
The second Match will be between the twenty fives (D.II) and the Anchorage Northern knights (D. II)
This will be a close one. Ending with the twenty fives on top. 49-42

Good luck to all you players out there!
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Joined: 2023-03-12
Posted on 2023-05-31 18:28:43
Round 3 approaches us very soon. This round features another 2 PVP matchups. We had 13 Player Teams eliminated last round bringing the total to 50 player teams left in the running.

Congrats to the twenty fives and the Yellow Jackets taking home the first 2 PVP matches

The first matchup will be against The Socten Lakers (Top. Div) and the Nutmeg State Nutters (D. III). This matchup will be one sided as the Socten Lakers are leading the Top Div. The score: 35-23

The second will be DarthRevan28 (D.V) and the Snow Badgers (D. II). For as much as I want to root for my team to win I will still go with the Snow Badgers in a crushing match. The score: 49-7
Spanky LlamallamaGI Supporter
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Posted on 2023-06-02 20:57:40
Thanks for the recaps. I hate seeing Player v Player matchups so early!
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Joined: 2023-03-12
Posted on 2023-06-15 17:34:13
Round 4 Is Here! We have 34 Human Teams left. We have 5 PVP games as well on top which is not what we want to see at all.
1) Socten Lakers (Top Div.) Vs Denver (D.II). I will take the Socten Lakers on this matchup as they are coming off a PVP win and our holding 1st place in the Top Div. 52-42

2) Kitchener Knights (D.II) Vs Snow Badgers (D.II). I have the Snow Badgers edging the Kitchener Knights. 35-34

3) Herringtown LLamas (Top Div.) vs GRAND (D.V). The Llamas will cruise to an easy win over GRAND 35-7.

4) Charlottetown (D.II) vs The Dell (D.IV). I will have The Dell Be The first major upset in an absolutely great game. 31-28

5) Summerside (D.II) vs Torches (D.IV). The Summerside will take advance and take the Win 28-14.

Good Luck to all!