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   National Team Application
Today is the start of the 34th World Cup qualification cycle. As always, we start with the NT coach applications. All those interested in leading their National team can apply on the National Team page (you can get there either by going to "National Teams" and finding your national team, or by going to the Club page and clicking on the flag in front of your teams name) and clicking "apply" button next to the "Coach:" text.

Please keep in mind that the national coach position isn't an easy one. You will have to find the right players for your tactical vision (which is hard to do when you have limited call-ups). You will have to set your formations - it is wise to check what your opponents are playing (research your opponents) and match your formation to best defend, and get touchdowns on the attack.

You have until Friday (September 9th), to apply. Voting will open on Saturday (September 10th).
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