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   Preseason Schedule
The 41st Grid-Iron season is over. The winners of the Top Division's are:
USA Socten Lakers (for the second time in a row) in North America.
Argentina Rosario Commanders (for the fourth time in a row) in Central & South America.
Italy New York Midgets in Central Europe.
UK Venice Dolphins II in Atlantic & Scandinavian Europe.
Russia Red Dragons in Eastern Europe.
Romania Cluj-Napoca Red Caps (for the fifth time in a row) in Balkan region.
China Kunming Tigers in Asia.
UAE Demon Bridesmaids (for the fourth time in a row) in Africa & Arab peninsula.
Australia Blacktown Behemoths (for the sixth time in a row) in Oceania.

Winners of the Iron Bowl (for the second time in a row) are UK Edinburgh Maroon™

Preseason schedule:
Club rename open: 05.09.
World cup group stage: 06.09., 07.09., 08.09.
1/4 finals: 10.09.
1/2 finals: 12.09.
Season turnover / Club rename close: 13.09.
World Cup final: 14.09.

This preseason will be a week longer. The preseason schedule is the same for the first two weeks (including season turnover), the third week will be for moving the game to a new (faster) server - we will notify you when we have the exact date.

First round of season 42 will be on: 23.09.
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